UTM 2010

Under the Mask 2010 took place on Wednesday the 2nd of June. The keynote was delivered by Ste Curran. Ste is currently creative director at Zoe Mode in Brighton, UK, and co-hosts 'One Life Left', the awarding winning videogame radio show on Resonance FM. He used to be editor of Edge Magazine, writing under the name of RedEye.

The abstracts for the Under the Mask 2010 papers are available here.
The Under the Mask 2010 papers are available here.

The programme was as follows:

Registration 9.30-10.00 A012
Welcome 10.00-10.15 Professor Mary Malcolm, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Bedfordshire A004
Key Note 10.15-11.15 Ste Curran, Zoe Mode A004
Break 11.15-11.30 A012
Parallel Panel Session A 11.30-12.30 Studying the Game (Panel Chair - Luke Hockley) - Diane Carr, Dan Pinchbeck A004
Parallel Panel Session B 11.30-12.30 Designing the Game (Panel Chair - Gavin Stewart) - Felix Cretu, Sonia Fizek & Isamar Carrillo Masso A013
Lunch 12.30-13.15 A012
Parallel Panel Session C 13.15-14.45 The Online Gamer (Panel Chair - Alec Charles) - Rachel V. Kovert, Judith Dormans, Esther MacCallum-Stewart A004
Parallel Panel Session D 13.15-14.45 The Social Gamer (Panel Chair - Steven Conway) - Thomas Makryniotis, Nicolle Lamerichs, Jessica Enevold & Charlotte Hagstrom A013
Break 14.45-15.00 A012
Parallel Panel Session E 15.00-16:30 The Real Gamer (Panel Chair - Alison Gazzard) - Alec Charles, Gavin Stewart, Rikki Toft Norgard A004
Parallel Panel Session F 15:00-16:30 What is the Gamer? (Panel Chair - Garry Whannel) - Jaroslav Svelch, Steven Conway, Vicente Diaz Gandasegui A013
Break 16:30-16:45 A012
DiGRA Panel 16.45-18:00 Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Dan Pinchbeck, Helen Kennedy A004
Drinks Reception 18:00- 20:00 A012