Under the Mask 2008 - Conference Programme
Registration 9.30-10.00 Foyer Area
Welcome 10.00-10.15 Luke Hockley, Univ of Beds Ian Dixon Theatre A004
Key Note 1 10.15-11.00 Reanimating HP Lovecraft: The Ludic Paradox of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Prof Tanya Krzywinska, Brunel University Ian Dixon Theatre A004
Parallel Morning Session 1 11.10-12.50 Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Dean Chan, Maria Backe, Marie Griffiths and Ben Light (Panel Chair - Peter Dean) A006
Parallel Morning Session 2 11.10-12.50 Garry Crawford and Victoria K Gosling, Gus Andrews, Holin Lin and Chuen-Tsai Sun (Panel Chair - Gavin Stewart) A007
Parallel Morning Session 3 11.10-12.50 Team Dignitas, Game Demonstration 1 (Co-ordinated by Steven Conway) Judith Blake Theatre A013
Parallel Morning Session 4 11.10-12.50 Game Making Workshop 1 A003
Informal Networking Time 12.50-1.30 A001/A002
Parallel Afternoon Session 1 1.30-3.00 Alec Charles, Souvik Mukherjee, Anne-Mette Albrechtslund (Panel Chair - Peter Dean) A006
Parallel Afternoon Session 2 1.30-3.00 David Surman, Deirdre Devers, Jan Van Looy (Panel Chair - Gavin Stewart) A007
Parallel Afternoon Session 3 1.30-3.00 Team Dignitas, Game Demonstration 2 Judith Blake Theatre A013 (Co-ordinated by Steven Conway)
Parallel Morning Session 4 1.30-3.00 Game Making Workshop 2 A003
Key Note 2 3.10-4.00 Games and Culture David Hayward, Pixel-lab Ian Dixon Theatre A 004
Plenary Session 4.00-4.30 Chair - Prof Luke Hockley with Steve Conway, David Hayward and Tanya Krzywinska Ian Dixon Theatre A004