Under the Mask - Papers 2010

1. Diane Carr - Player v. Text? Enacting disciplinarity in game studies research
2. Alec Charles - Let’s stop playing games: a deconstruction of the illusory interface between the material and the virtual
3. Steven Conway - ARGH!: An analysis of the response cries of digital game players
4. Felix Cretu - Controlling Action:Analysing types and levels of interaction between game and player Download the full paper - FCretu.doc
5. Vicente Diaz Gandasegui - The no-gamer Download the full paper - Vicente_diaz_Gandasegui.pdf
6. Judith Dormans - Classification of Fan Practices in World of Warcraft Download the full paper - Judith Dormans.pdf
7. Jessica Enevold & Charlotte Hagström - Modifying the Methods: Player Research Reconsidered
8. Sonia Fizek & Isamar Carrillo Masso - Behind the Screen: New Methodologies for the Study of Games, Gamers and Player Characters
9. Rachel V. Kowert - Geek or Chic: Perceptions of Online Gamers Download the full paper - Rachel Kowert.doc
10. Nicolle Lamerichs - All dressed up: Conceptualizing ‘cosplaying’ as a fan practice Download the full paper - Nicolle Lamerichs.doc
11. Thomas Makryniotis - Mode Code – Identity through Dress in Virtual Environments Download the full paper - Thomas Makryniotis.doc
12. Esther MacCallum-Stewart - Together Alone - Players in their Own Worlds
13. Rikke Toft Nørgård - The Body under the Mask: Unveiling the corporeal practice of gamers Download the full paper - RNoergaard.pdf
14. Dan Pinchbeck - Adventures in thechineseroom: doing practice-based research in games. Download the full paper - Dan Pinchbeck.doc
15. Gavin Stewart - Ergodicity and ARGing Download the full paper - Gavin Stewart Ergodicity and ARGing.doc
16. Jaroslav Švelch - What It Takes To Be A Gamer: The Construction of the Myth of the Hard Core Gamer in the 1990's Czech Republic