Under the Mask - Papers 2009
  1. Maria Bäcke (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden) Neko Culture in Second Life Download the full paper - Maria Backe.doc
  2. Alessandro Canossa (IO Interactive / Denmark Design School, Denmark) Towards a Theory of the Player: Designing for Experience Download the full paper - Alessandro Canossa.doc
  3. Giovanni Caruso and Mauro Salvador (University of Bologna, Italy) The Dilated Fruition: Video game and Movie Produsers Download the full paper - Caruso & Salvador.doc
  4. Alec Charles (University of Bedfordshire, UK) Playing with one’s self: the illusion of agency in the video game Download the full paper - Alec Charles.doc
  5. Steven Conway (University of Bedfordshire, UK) A Circular Wall?: Reformulating the Fourth Wall for Videogames Download the full paper - Steven Conway.doc
  6. Vicente Diaz Gandasegui (University of Glamorgan, UK) Spectators of videogame Download the full paper - Vicente Diaz Gandasegui.doc
  7. Jessica Enevold & Charlotte Hagström (Lund University, Sweden) Time to Play: Ethnographic Perspectives on Mothers’ Digital Gaming
  8. Philip Lin (University of Westminster, UK) The Military-Entertainment-Complex-“Me”: Exploring Global Gamers’ Identities and Agency in the War/Military Videogame Genre Download the full paper - Philip Lin.doc
  9. Esther MacCallum-Stewart (University of East London, and an associate lecturer at the University of Chichester, UK) The Right Stuff; defining 'good' play amongst MMORPG communities
  10. Brendan Main (Brendan Main, Trent University, Canada) Pod People and Swappable Selves: On the Buying and Selling of Avatar Download the full paper - Brendan Main.doc
  11. Souvik Mukherjee and Jenna Pitchford (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Shall We Kill the Pixel Soldier? : Perceptions of Trauma, Morality and Violence in Combat Videogames - Download the full paper - Mukherjee & Pitchford.doc
  12. Adrienne Shaw (University of Pennsylvania, USA) Peliharrastaja, or what gaming in Finland can tell us about gaming in general - Download the full paper - Adrienne Shaw.doc
  13. Gavin Stewart (University of Bedfordshire, UK) Paratexts: What Lessons Can We Learn From Inanimate Alice and Corporate ARGs? Download the full paper - Gavin Stewart.doc