B:Fest Luton Arts Festival 2009

The Under the Mask:Perspectives on the Gamer conference is part of the B:Fest Luton Arts Festival 2009.

B:Fest is a new Arts Festival for Luton showcasing the artistic talent that is already thriving in the town. The Festival is an opportunity for all sorts of artists to demonstrate their creativity – be it established and published poets in our mini poetry festival or up and coming new artists from the University of Bedfordshire’s Media, Art and Design students.


Luton Town Centre will be the venue for this exciting, visual and participatory Arts Festival which takes place in May and June 2008. The town will be turned into a vibrant performance and exhibition space. Events will range from poetry readings to live music and dance performances and Arts exhibitions. But don’t just watch there are also many opportunities to Be Involved! Try your hand (and your legs!) at Hip hop or Capoeira, attempt some animation or find out all you ever wanted to know about computer Games at the Gamer’s conference.

There is a downloadable calendar of events on the festival website. See the take part section for details of workshops, how to submit your ideas and work and instructions for booking tickets. The program is being regularly updated so visit this site regularly for updates and amendments.