Welcome to Under the Mask

Under the Mask is a conference series at the University of Bedfordshire that focuses upon the multi-faceted issue of the gamer. Culturally, socially, psychologically, professionally, the list of masks worn by the gamer is endless. This conference series aims to penetrate these masks, investigating why they are worn, how they are used, and how they are constructed by gaming culture, game developers, and by the gamers. Under the Mask 6 is scheduled to take place in June 2014.

Under the Mask 6 is organized by the University of Bedfordshire, UK, in association with the University of Hertfordshire, UK and the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

The 'Under the Mask' conference series also provides a unique opportunity to play, watch and make games amongst fellow gamers. The general call for papers for the conference is available at CFP. The full CFP for the 2014 conference will be available shortly. The abstracts, key note speakers and conference papers will also be available on this website in early 2014.